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"The staff is outstanding! Rachel makes everyone feel welcome and Jason creates an atmosphere that is professional while still being involved with patients and his staff. Ansley is by far the most involved, knowledgeable and results-focused physical therapist I have ever worked with. I owe my progress to her and her initiative to have me try different programs and exercises at the right time.

"After my first three visits, I knew I had found the facility and professionals who I would choose for rehabilitation after two shoulder surgeries. I would send any of my family members to Physio for any type of post-surgery or general health and wellness."

We love to hear from our patients about the positive impact from our team members on their road to recovery. These sentiments were from Bobby, a former patient at our Cartersville center. Following two shoulder surgeries, Bobby worked with Ansley Taylor, P.T., DPT, who created a customized treatment plan to help him recover and get back to his favorite activities.


"Prior to therapy, I had a burning sensation in my right hamstring while sitting in the car for extended periods of time. I came to Physio after my doctor diagnosed me with a strained right hamstring muscle.

"The entire staff at Physio was great. It really felt like a family atmosphere. The staff would discuss treatment options with each other to ensure the best possible course of action was being taken. Hannah Afify knew I loved to golf and designed a golf-related treatment plan to help my recovery. Additionally, Illiana Garcia would encourage me to give my all during every session, which I feel led to a speedy recovery.

"I'm looking forward to long, pain-free car rides and not being forced to stop several times on a road trip to stretch due to the pain I was experiencing!"

These sentiments were shared by Darrell, a former patient, on the care he received from Hannah Afify, P.T., DPT, and Illiana Garcia, P.T., DPT, at our Lithonia center. Our team created a personalized treatment plan focusing on his core and posture strength to reduce hamstring reliance during his golf swing. We're so happy we could help Darrell recover in time to get back on the golf course.


"I came into Physio on a rollator and had to sit down four times before I got to the office. I was weak, anxious, stressed and depressed. I thought the surgery, combined with ataxia had changed my life for the worse. I needed help getting out of the tub, dressing, cooking and I felt entirely helpless. However, Rob definitely inspired me to get better. He helped with my tight shoulder muscles, control my hand movements while eating and gain strength while standing.

"I began working with Caitlin to help my ataxia, balance and walking with my hip replacement. I was excited to work with a physical therapist who understood ataxia and knew how to educate my brain on working with my muscles properly. The first session I could only stand and sit four times in 30 seconds. Each session with Caitlin was different and the exercises had different challenges to them.

"Every week I started to see that I could do more and more. I was completely amazed at my changes. I can now do everything that I couldn't do before therapy and more. I am able to stand to cook, wash clothes and clean the house. Rob and Caitlin are both incredible therapists and have extensive knowledge in their field. They believed in me and now I believe in me!"

After undergoing rip hip total replacement surgery and experiencing spinal cerebellum ataxia, our former patient Linda put her trust in the Windy Hill team to help her recover. With guidance from Rob McClellan, OTR/L, CHT, and Caitlin Clark, P.T., DPT, CSCS, Linda has regained her strength and is back to enjoying everyday activities.


"I was hooked immediately." Raquelle began taking opioids after a tractor-trailer rear-ended her car, causing back pain. And like so many others, she became addicted to the medication that was supposed to help. It started her down a dark path; she lost friends and family relationships. She was unemployed.

Thankfully, Raquelle's story doesn't end there. She got into treatment for drug addiction and then discovered a beacon of hope to address her pain without using opioids: physical therapy. Things were finally looking up.

Unfortunately, that's when Raquelle was thrown another curve ball. She was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis (inflammation of the bladder) and myofascial pelvic pain (a condition that causes chronic musculoskeletal pain in the pelvic floor). But this time, Raquelle knew where to turn for help.

Watch as Raquelle shares her inspirational story of strength, healing, resilience and the power of pelvic health physical therapy.

Raquelle Kabatsky’s Patient Success Story

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